Friday, April 30, 2010

Habits of highly effective people!

I dunno whether you get what this picture is trying to say or not
it totally delivers the message that what I wanted say..
Images can speak better than words sometime aye..?
check out what book is he reading and what is he doing at the same time..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fruitful week :)

Heyyyloww~ Just got back from watching kiss ass...
it's a must watch ! :P

some scenes from the movie:

superhero with no extraordinary power...
the only expertise?
dressing in superhero suit... =p

Mindy a.k.a Hit Girl

rating: 7.5/10

watched Shutter Island as well last week but I was quite disappointed with the movie.
(sorry f&j , but i really think the show was too slow pace albeit the fact that the movie was rated 8/10 :P )
my rating for shutter island = 6.5/10
I give credit for the twist @ the end of the movie...

Some of the pictures for Shutter Island is too gruesome..
so this one will do the job for now :p

Celebrated two B'days as well...
Shiwen's on Sun and Ongko's b'day on thursday
both at redbox gardens...

had loadsa fun hanging out w fun ppl ;)
everyone had fun singing out
Ongko's B'day
Mango Delight

B'day Girl!

Group pic is a Must ! :)

Shiwen's big day

b'day girl

make a wish..make a wish~

roma roma ma ma...~ everyone goes gaga ga ga ga ~~


another groupie


Friday, April 23, 2010

It's been awhile

Hello! :)
It's been awhile since I last blogged!
been busy... celebrated two birthdays in a week!!
Albeit quite tiring but it's good to see everyone once again ;)
wanted to blog about my sg/jb trip but til today also haven't got the time to do so...
or should I say... I'm just plain lazy? =p

Picture of the week :

gotta get back on track !

have a good weekends ppl!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

plant vs zombie

It's been almost a week since I last blogged =p
Reason = discovery of
plant vs zombie!!

I dunno how many of you have heard of this game by pop cap.. hahaa..
but's very addictiveeeee!!!
Basically.. it's a game like what the title of the game sounds like..
plant against zombie!'s a strategy game and I perhaps you would wanna try the game yourself too!

sneak peak :

cute leh the plants :P

this is where you choose which plants to fight against the zombiess!

each zombie has different strengths and weaknesses..
same goes to the plants..
that's why must choose the right plants...if not then u're doommmm!!

Harder level.. where zombie can go into the lake..

Can't wait to get your hands on shooting those zombies? =p

haha.. here's the link for the demo version !

do let me know if you like the game or not ? :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

random rambling

Good's only 8am and I am wide awake! =s
Blame it to the flu bug and sorethroat.. Couldn't zzz well these few days -_-"
Trying to think of something interestin to blog about but my current state of mind = blank.
Just wanna say, have a good weekend ahead ppl!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

amazing!!! mini concert ?

Hey.. U guys gotta check this out!!
Applegirl is incredible..hahaha..

just by using 4 iphones and you get this :

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lost Baggage

Hello... I'm back from my short trip to JB/SG.
hahaha.. wanna share with you something.. last wed I was happily listen to the mp3 on my way from KL sentral to the airport.. then when I was about to reach the airport.. I switch off my mp3 getting ready to go out.
Few minutes b4 stepping out from the bus, my friend called me.. I was happily talking on the phone.. *slumber-nyaaa...
somemore... I told my friend to call me later coz I was heading towards the check in counter and preparing to check in. While I was walking towards the check in counter.. I felt something wrong... but being the blur sotong I am, I still walk walk walk..

Then..the next moment, something struck my mind..
Sh****ttt !!! I LEFT my baggage on the freakin' bus !!!!
I ran as quick as I could ..

*think threadmill speed 9 *think roadrunner...
*heartbeat rate x500

I called my friend and said..' oiiiihhh... u call me at the *huh huh... wrong time la...!!! I freakin' left my *huh huh baggage on the bus.... ahhh... !!!*huhhh TTYL!!!

*huh huh - tercungap-cungap/ breathless

The moment I ran towards the bus stop I saw a few buses.. I was like.. "crap..! I don't even know which bus did I got unto just now.. die larrr...!!!"
I was looking around hoping to find my bag...
Suddenly.. I saw a few fella waving at me and asked.." Miss... your bag ka?!"
I felt so relieved and delighted.. I apologized and thank them at the same time...


I quickly grab my baggage and ran back towards the check-in counter..
then ... another staff saw me and said.' o0o0o0... It's yourrssss huh?'
me: 'ya ya... so sorryyyyyy =S"

Really thank God and also the helpful staff.
You see, sometimes a simple favour you did really do brighten ppl's day =)

Tsk... I'm close to losing my baggage and now it is found.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon : Review

Surprisingly, the movie turns out to be pretty good
despite how -_-" the title of the movie sounded... lol
Didn't intend to watch the movie in the 1st place, but after seeing many ppl rambling about how good it is from fb... then.. decided to give it a go!

Toothless - Night Fury

The dragons inside are really adorable.
I dunno why but, to me the behaviour of the dragons inside is quite similar to a dog.

a scene where Hiccup is trying to calm Toothless


watch the trailer


.:. How to Train a Dragon > Alice in Wonderland
I rate it 7.5/10

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Short Hiatus

Sorry for the short hiatus.
I have tons to bloggggg..!!
but too exhausted from my trip to the south...
I'll try to update tomorrow kies? :)

Happy Easter!!