Thursday, April 15, 2010

plant vs zombie

It's been almost a week since I last blogged =p
Reason = discovery of
plant vs zombie!!

I dunno how many of you have heard of this game by pop cap.. hahaa..
but's very addictiveeeee!!!
Basically.. it's a game like what the title of the game sounds like..
plant against zombie!'s a strategy game and I perhaps you would wanna try the game yourself too!

sneak peak :

cute leh the plants :P

this is where you choose which plants to fight against the zombiess!

each zombie has different strengths and weaknesses..
same goes to the plants..
that's why must choose the right plants...if not then u're doommmm!!

Harder level.. where zombie can go into the lake..

Can't wait to get your hands on shooting those zombies? =p

haha.. here's the link for the demo version !

do let me know if you like the game or not ? :)

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