Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fruitful week :)

Heyyyloww~ Just got back from watching kiss ass...
it's a must watch ! :P

some scenes from the movie:

superhero with no extraordinary power...
the only expertise?
dressing in superhero suit... =p

Mindy a.k.a Hit Girl

rating: 7.5/10

watched Shutter Island as well last week but I was quite disappointed with the movie.
(sorry f&j , but i really think the show was too slow pace albeit the fact that the movie was rated 8/10 :P )
my rating for shutter island = 6.5/10
I give credit for the twist @ the end of the movie...

Some of the pictures for Shutter Island is too gruesome..
so this one will do the job for now :p

Celebrated two B'days as well...
Shiwen's on Sun and Ongko's b'day on thursday
both at redbox gardens...

had loadsa fun hanging out w fun ppl ;)
everyone had fun singing out loud..lol
Ongko's B'day
Mango Delight

B'day Girl!

Group pic is a Must ! :)

Shiwen's big day

b'day girl

make a wish..make a wish~

roma roma ma ma...~ everyone goes gaga ga ga ga ~~


another groupie


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