Monday, September 27, 2010

Allen + Jason's B'day Bash @ Movida

Celebrated Allen + Jasons' B'day @
MOVIDA Kitchen+Bar+Club Lounge at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

It was a great night out. totally love this place.
the ambiance. the songs. the place.
but one thing the management should note is to improve on their services.

they actually mixed up with our booking..
we booked to sit indoor but they gave us outdoor instead!
But luckily inside still have some tables.. if not....

and u know, the moment we asked the staff to bring out the cake .. they actually bring out the box and plastic bag :S
we were lookin at each other lke this --> =_="


Let's take a peep at the gorgeous food!
HW's selection : Seafood Pizza

Allen + Jason both ordered the same dish!
Chicken Chop ;)
Overall, the food is not bad. worth trying =)

Mel's Selection: Fillet of Salmon
(pic courtesy of )

Me n Sheryl's choice : Chargrilled Lamb
its so yummy! thumbs up ;)

Oreo Cheesecake by Fatboybakes :)

Overall, the food is not bad and worth trying!
Didn't managed to capture other's food picture since it was a big group gathering and everyone was starvinggggg n busy nom-ing on their food

And nowww.... picture of the loving ppl :)

Mel, Shiwen, Vivien
Me and Jenni

both of u look so cute in this pic..
wahahaha :p

:D :) :D :)

You girls look so sweet ! ;)
the girls :)

ladies n gentlemen

Me, Daphne and Siewli

B'day Boi n me

Wow... tough teeth? haha! can open ka, allen? :p

b'day boi n Jenni

of coz..not to be missed is the groupicx :D

After the dinner... we ordered some drinks and move to the tables upstair to have some fun on the dancefloor :)

and guess what ??

we specially bought 2 lovely presents for 2 macho lawyers here
and guess what is it?

*drum rolls.......*


can u see how excited are both of them opening their present? :P

Anyway.. that was just a prank...
we kept their real gift in another paper bag..

so b4 i end this...
just wanna say...

Happy B'day Once Again
Jason and Allen! :)
( we hope u guys enjoyed the night n also the gifts :P )

Friday, September 17, 2010

love is like a maze

Love is like traversing a maze…
There are so many false starts,
So many abrupt dead-ends,
So many tantalizing glimpses of the end in sight,
Before you actually find the right path to take.

Growing that love is like building a maze…
You have to work hard to build the foundations,
To nourish the growing seeds within,
To develop the length and breadth of it,
Before you know that you have something solid and worthy.

Sustaining that love is like maintaining a maze…
It needs consideration to remain alive and well,
It needs a healthy dose of respect to understand its mysteries,
It needs careful pruning to ensure it doesn’t become wild and unruly,
Before you are confident that what you have together meets your expectations.

by Sharon L Norris

It's so trueeeee... :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guess who's back?

Hey hey wonderful ppl out there!
sorry for the hiatus...
i'm back in kl and of coz, back to bloggin' :)
I had an awesome trip back in KK ...

catch up with all the loved ones..
spent a night @ kundasang with family,
enjoyed all the yummylicious food
that cannot be eaten elsewhere but KK :)
Did all the crazy roadtrips
up to the hill and across the sea ( seriously!)

meet pigraffe, a rare species of pig/giraffe?!
(our faithful companion that accompany us to most of the roadtrips)

sigh, I miss all of them already :(

Batik painting by me @ Borneo Kellybays :)

til then....