Monday, December 29, 2008


About Refreshin' One

Why Refreshin' One?

The nick 'Refreshin' One' is derived from the author's name itself.
One day, She receives a personalized name keychain which includes a detailed list of meaning of her name with a sub-heading 'Refreshing One' ...


Since then, Refreshin' One has become one of her favourite username/nickname.

Can I use the image(s) here for my website?

yeap! remember to give her credit by linkin' her back! =)

Hmm... What inspires her?

Very tough question indeed. As long as she's well fed with food for thought.

Are those her own drawings?

Yes. Unless otherwise stated.
To be exact, there are doodles, since they are just simple drawings :)

What is her day job?

Moo.. ~ eat grass.

Purpose of this blog?

Just for fun! Hopefully to inspire others through doodles and writings!
Strives to be refreshingly different from other typical blogs =p


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1 comment:

  1. Dear Lynn aka refreshing one,

    Love yer drawings/doodles.
    Wish I cld b as creative as u!