Monday, April 5, 2010

Lost Baggage

Hello... I'm back from my short trip to JB/SG.
hahaha.. wanna share with you something.. last wed I was happily listen to the mp3 on my way from KL sentral to the airport.. then when I was about to reach the airport.. I switch off my mp3 getting ready to go out.
Few minutes b4 stepping out from the bus, my friend called me.. I was happily talking on the phone.. *slumber-nyaaa...
somemore... I told my friend to call me later coz I was heading towards the check in counter and preparing to check in. While I was walking towards the check in counter.. I felt something wrong... but being the blur sotong I am, I still walk walk walk..

Then..the next moment, something struck my mind..
Sh****ttt !!! I LEFT my baggage on the freakin' bus !!!!
I ran as quick as I could ..

*think threadmill speed 9 *think roadrunner...
*heartbeat rate x500

I called my friend and said..' oiiiihhh... u call me at the *huh huh... wrong time la...!!! I freakin' left my *huh huh baggage on the bus.... ahhh... !!!*huhhh TTYL!!!

*huh huh - tercungap-cungap/ breathless

The moment I ran towards the bus stop I saw a few buses.. I was like.. "crap..! I don't even know which bus did I got unto just now.. die larrr...!!!"
I was looking around hoping to find my bag...
Suddenly.. I saw a few fella waving at me and asked.." Miss... your bag ka?!"
I felt so relieved and delighted.. I apologized and thank them at the same time...


I quickly grab my baggage and ran back towards the check-in counter..
then ... another staff saw me and said.' o0o0o0... It's yourrssss huh?'
me: 'ya ya... so sorryyyyyy =S"

Really thank God and also the helpful staff.
You see, sometimes a simple favour you did really do brighten ppl's day =)

Tsk... I'm close to losing my baggage and now it is found.


  1. giler stim..blur sotong also nice to eat..and i'm hungry

  2. haha.. i almost left my luggage while i was in paris too.. but luckily my friends noticed =P

  3. Jenkin: huh? hehe..

    Kenwooi: lol.. paris sumore! lol