Wednesday, March 24, 2010

colour up my life :)

Remember we used to draw things like this when we were alot younger?

perhaps many little things in life that we just let it pass by without realizing it.
This entry is dedicated to few of my fellow friends whom 'colour up my life" in 2 days itself!
i love you guys, man!!

scenario 1

Last night, one of my friend, Z (name has been changed to protect his/her privacy LOL)
dropped his/her phone in the toilet and.... Flushed it away!!! When Z told me about it..I really donno what respond to give..
Even Z he/herself also told me that she/he donno whether to cry or to laugh because it's too unbelievable to see the toilet bowl swallow such a *big object!

scenario 2

Was happily walking around at the Gardens Mall and suddenly my phone rang.

"helloo... ? Lynn.. Come and Save us!!!"
" We don't have money to pay for fish head noodles..!!! :s Helppp!!! "
Are you serious? Don't fool me eh..
SERIOUS.. faster come!! our food coming dyyy....
Hang on ar...

*passed the phone to Friend A

You guys playing a prank is it.. impossible both also never bring money!! don't play eh!!!
Ok Ok.. We'll come to you guys in awhile coz we are Q-ing now and waiting for our turn"

Service was super slow at xxx service centre and A said we better go get them 1st lar..So A missed her turn to save the 2 "heroes" hahahaha! While heading towards the coffee shop, *me checked my phone and saw Jni's sms it reads:

HAHAHA... I don't know why..but.. good one, Jni..
hahaha.. Short and simple!
Called HW again to double confirm whether they are playing a prank...

"hello.. wey.. you guys are seriously SERIOUS right?! Don't make us go there for nothing!"
YAAA... If I lied to you about this.. I'll spend u guys abalones!!
..hmm... ookayyy (feeling skeptical still)

Reached there and realised that these 2 heroes are really my heroes. hahaha!!

Oh well... thanks for making my life so interesting and colourful albeit being so hmm... what is the word ha!


I still you guys coz you guys
really rock my socks!

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