Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Sweat!

It is inevitable that sweating in this hot climate is not unusual and the worst scenario is getting an unpleasant body odour.

I guess it's human nature to sweat and who says sweating is not good?
In fact, there are many benefits you can gain from sweating, which explain why people goes to saunas/ jacuzzi/ or by going to gym, etc.
It is also the cheapest and most effective way to get rid of toxin in your body! The down side is that some people avoid sweating because they are afraid that they will smell bad and people around them will avoid them too.

(If you have been following my blog, you will know that i <3>good smelling ppl..
For those who are new here, you can read the entry on this topic by clicking here!

The best solution is .... ta daaa,,,

wear anti-perspirant or deodorant!!!

That way, u can keep yourself Fresh and Dry!

Adidas 24 hrs antiperspirant, anti-odour and active absorbent complex

tripleee actionsss in ONE bottle! =)
I believe it's a product that every1 is lookin for!
i.e smells great, feels great and last long with affordable price tag!!!
Now you don't have to excuse yourself from enjoying all the 'sweating therapy' ;)

That aside, the definition of 'sweat(s)' itself has another meaning. Thanks to the influence of Asian drama series! =P

It has become normal to see people using emoticons like these :

and not forgetting this:


In order to stop your friends from abusing the emoticons, you can now...

:: ::

HAHAHA... okay.. I know this is lame.. and I am sure some of you will be like


but give face abit lar..don't sweat don't sweat!

what to do..ran out of creative juices dy..~

oh well :)

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  1. haha.. psst psst on the face ar.. lol.. that's quite interesting.. =D