Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toy Story 3 review

yay! finally managed to watch Toy Story 3 :)

It's nice in a sense that it brings back good ol' memories ..
but, overall I didn't think it was great la.. i mean it's nice but not great
prolly bcoz I expected it to be better :p

One of my fav. character, Ham
quite insignificant in the show though...

and also
Slinky Dog !! =)

kudos for bringing barbie and ken in !

Lotsa .. the hugging bear..
haha.. looks friendly on the outside but...

pea pouch.. quite kelefe also..hahaha

Big Baby

never like human figure doll b4.. yikess...
u guys remembered last time when we were much younger ..
there used to have this doll..where you lie it down it'll close it's eyes
and open when u put it vertically.. :s
I remember I used to hide it somewhere lor..hahaha..

prefer soft toy anytime! =P

There are some other new characters as well..
but that's for u to find out :)


  1. without a question the somebody flick of period and period, this film prefab toy tale 1 and 2 face like shrek the bag, yea its that peachy! me and my girlfriend went to go see this at the perform and we both cried similar babies. I grew up to toy prevarication, i grew up with andy, and its truly unbelievable how pixar can flowing the emotions from sad to singular without devastation any handsome moments 10/10. I anticipate a Multi- Award Person here! If you need to cry go see Toy story 3 and rebound jonah hex and karate kid and A aggroup! P: i wish this is not the end of toy tarradiddle if it is i module DIE, btw, barbie and ken made me burst out laughter the object uncastrated period!!

  2. i don't like human dolls either.. they're creepy..

  3. Free Best Movies: yea.. u're right.. it seems like we are all growing up w andy :P n yea.. barbie and ken scene was pretty when barbie asked ken to do fashion show n she karate him from behind.. LOL

    Esther: freaky right..

  4. Fellow nuffie here! I did a Toy Story 3 review too in my blog, although its more to my childhood memories. Feel free to browse when you're free.