Friday, June 25, 2010

Sandwich @ Subway Review

I remember I used to eat Subway alot when I was in UK
my favourite goes to Meatball Marinara and Chicken and Bacon Ranch..

After not eating Subway sandwiches for 1 yr +, I've decided to makan again..
kinda craving for it...

Anyway... I ordered "Turkey breast and turkey Ham Sandwich"
which turns out to be just turkey ham...

I wonder.. where did the turkey breast went?


The salad selections were also limited..
don't have my favourite sweet corn..

and and and..

the sauce too!!!!! =(
don't have my ranch dressing.. arghhhh!!

Overall, the sandwich was fresh but the ingredients are not as generous..

what's ur subway experience?


  1. till today i've never tried subway.. haha.. =P

  2. i first had subway as a student in india. i like the bacon melt one. i usually ask them to double fry the bacon till crispy, then toast the whole sub :)

  3. first had subway in aus like 8 urs ago and told meself never again but since coming back to KL this year, subway is the best! coz there arent any nice gourmet sandwich club around town!

    xoxo elle

  4. super super super miss UK subway!!!!!!!.....