Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hong Kee Porridge @ Damansara Utama

Hong Kee's Famous Raw Fish Porridge

Apparently the fish slice can be eaten raw or just put it into the porridge and it will be cooked in a jiffy.
Taste wise ? It's not bad but it's not wow...
the texture of the porridge is smooth and the fish is fresh too!

T's selection... Chicken Porridge..
Something that I wouldn't order =P
by the way, I reckon their mixed intestine porridge is pretty good but no picture =p

Sweet Sauce Cheong Fun which tasted mediocre..
too bland and lack sesames.


  1. Raw fish porridge. sound cooler if call sashimi porridge.. jkjk..

    tempting.. should try one day.

  2. I super love porridge...I want!!!

  3. Where's the location of Hongkee Porridge in Damanasa Utama?

  4. it's at the same row as cuppacake by wondermilk.. and it's the shoplot facing the houses..
    hope it helps ;)