Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alice in Wonderland :: Review

Caution: Might contain spoilers. Read at your own risks =P

Surprisingly, the new rendition of Alice in wonderland is nothing like above.
(cute-sie cute-sie~)

The director has given a new breathe to the show by giving a creepy twist and perhaps some gruesome scene (i.e dormouse poking-out enemy's eye scene and Jabberwocky's head rolling down the stairs =P)

It seems that this movie somewhat link to the original cartoon where in the cartoon, Alice, is still 13 and thought that all the incidents that happened on her were only a dream.

But, at the age of 19, Alice returns to the 'wonderland' and realized that the incidents that happens on her is not a dream after all... and a new adventure awaits her. ( will leave the rest of the details to those who wished to watch =P )

Overall, I think the movie is not bad but not WOW.
But I guess it's something that everyone would want to watch because it somehow rekindle the child-like spirit within =p

I don't mind watching it again though

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