Wednesday, January 20, 2010

lazy wednesday

Haven't got time to sit down properly and update my blog.
It has been a fruitful week =)
Will update soon!
At the mean time, just wanna laze around
and catch up on my zzzzZzzzz =)

On the other hand,
Yays... :)
My entry on toothfairy managed to earn me a pair of free passes to watch the premiere screening of The Toothfairy!
Thank You Nuffnang for the toothfairy tickets!



  1. haha...i envy u becuz i hav no transport to go...
    nanged u. nang this and Stop using Internet Explorer now!!!

  2. Lol, what animal is that? a donkey? a cow? a pig? doesn't look like a pig to me :D. Well, lazy once in a while is just normal. :D.

    Regards from cr3ap

  3. @ - hey.. hehe.. =) thanks for the nang! will let u know how the movie goes =p

    @cre3p: hehe.. erm..actually i am unsure what animal is that too.. supposedly a donkey,i supposed?! hahaha..

  4. lynn, ur pair of tix suppose to go with ur date wan mar... y u go date tyger... hahaha.... u r weird!!! lol

  5. honwai : SssshSshhh !
    isk ...hahaha

  6. aiyaaaaaaaaaa go with me very memalukan issit!!!!!

  7. not very la... is seriously very lor... hahaha... kidding la... coz lynn said if go out with a girl will drop her market value wor... hahaha