Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm a Tooth Fairy

If I were a Tooth Fairy....

Top 3 things I must have in my list :

Why? Okay..let's go through the list :)

Reason #1

Doraemon's Pocket

The reason for picking Doraemon's pocket is because it's handy, filled with all sort of gadgets and most's not bulky !!!! How can I bring so many things with me when I have to complete my mission in the dark!
* be precise.. during quiet nights.. when everyone is asleep! :O
Wah...Can you imagine if i bring a toolbox or what trying to collect tooth underneath the pillow.. sure *kling klong kling klong...*
like this...mission confirm *phhhail lah!!

Reason #2Meet My Faithful Sidekick
a.k.a MoMo

Okaye.. I'm sure no one will know better than MoMo regarding to all the shortcuts and secret passages to hide if we happened to be discovered by mankind!
Besides, If my wings happened to malfunction, I will always have his back.
In this case... I will be able to land myself comfortably on fluffly-soft-cushion-like -back',
instead of hurting myself when landed on the ground!
Haha :P

Reason #3
That's My Avatar with plaster.

If there is any injury, plaster will be my bestie!
It's inevitable that during an operation, I might have accidentally cut myself or my wings without realiazing it...
So... Plaster is a must have!!

... .... ....
Hehe! hopefully this entry is creative enough to earn myself a pair of tickets to watch
'Tooth Fairy' =D
... ... ...

oh yea..before i forgot...
Here's my ID to show that I'm a ToothFairy !

Cheers :)


  1. creative post....
    nanged u! nang this to read about horse ride in busy road