Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Girly Day Out @ KL Malls! =)

Went for lunch @ Lot 10 food court as soon as Miss.Tyger touched down at KL, whee!

Had Beef Noodles at Soong Kee!

O yeah,
Both of us were too greedy and hungry,we ordered LARGE Set Meal, but ended up not being able to finish our food..
yikess :x

Did abit of shopping at LowYat and Sg.Wang
Managed to buy a few tops and some computer gadgets!
But silly me.. never check the mouse properly.. bought back the wrong mouse without any USB port.. GAH! Sigh.. I've been mouse-less for weeks ... and now..I'm still mouse-less! oh well :)


  1. Heyya Lynn :)

    I'll email you directly regarding the Asiaparttime thingy. Do you have YM? He he. It's a little too public here.

    I'm sure by now, you've got yourself a nice mouse for your computer! Your blog layout is awesome, I like it! Keep writing :)

  2. Hey hey..

    sent u an email via ur contact page :)
    thanks for visiting n also for the compliment!
    hear from u soon!


  3. Hi Lynn!!

    Hehe Thank you girl for coming by again. LOL
    I failed to retrieve any email from you, sadly. Why don't you add me up on YM or email me through yahoo using this address esp_reverie@yahoo.com.

    Keep writing! :)