Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 =)

Happy 2010 !!!!

It's the time of the year again for us to look back @ 2009 and count our blessings!
and of course make New Year Resolutions ! (pls don't ask me mine..!)

*Progression Chart ( in an unconventional manner =P)

Flower that have yet to be blossomed...
still awaits for it to become flower that is in full bloom! *winks

I guess, that pretty much displays my current life and satisfaction as of now.
So many things that have yet to be achieved...
So many things to look forward to...

*Manukan Island, Aug 09

Beautiful isn't it =)
Sometimes its good for us to take a break off things...
and appreciate things around us..

*pics taken when i was in UK (Alton Tower, July 08)

The sky has no limit,
let us continue to press forward to achieve our goals!


To-Do List :

1. get a new hair cut

2. revamp/chg new wardrobe
(if possible!!! I always wanted to try new style but always ended up getting roughly the same thing.. why is that so?! Fran? Choi?! agree? haha... anyway, any of you are more than welcome to donate to my wardrobe fund, LOL xD )

3. pick up new skill(s)
(i.e swingin from tree to tree... picking up coconuts and durians.. nah, jk~ =p)

Have an awesome year ahead!

me =)


  1. Happy New Year Lynn!
    Wanted to wish u on the stroke of midnite but slept tru the New Year :P

  2. eh, tmr go ikea... shop for ur new wardrobe k...i asked so poh along too... haha... eh cant believe i am stalking ur blog now... =.=

  3. honwai.. hahaha.. u wanna donate to my wardrobe fund or not?! hahahaha...
    more than welcome to sponsor/donate.. wahahaha...