Sunday, January 3, 2010

Believe in the Beauty of Your Dream

Remember her? =)
That's Susan Boyle. I just realised that her 1st album was released lately.
Passed by Tropicana City Mall and saw her big banner.
Susan made her first appearance in Britain's Got Talent last year and wow-ed the crowd with her extraordinary voice, albeit looking ordinary in appearance.

I remember during that period of time, Susan has drawn alot of attention from the crowd not only in UK itself but all over the world!
Even my parents went online searching for her audition video. lol =P

Since then, Susan has become inspiration to the world that
dreams do come true.
This proves that ordinary people can do extraordinary things! :)
you just need a little faith in yourself!


No, I'm not refering to Twilight the movie or the hot vampire or the pretty chiq inside =p
hahahaha... !
Let's talk about Stephanie Meyer, the author of Twilight.
Stephanie has never published any books before writing Twilight and according to the source in Wikipedia, her only professional job was being a receptionist!

Initially, Stephanie thought of reading law because she thought that she would never have a chance to become a writer. Anyway, she gave up later on after giving birth to her child.
Little did she know that one night, an idea of her dream has turned her dream into a completed novel and also a blockbuster movie!
Albeit the fact that after sending in numerous number of proposals to publish her novel to publishing companies,
most doors were closed but there was ONE positive response. yes..only one opening ..and the rest were disappointments and rejections.
One open door that has led her to become who she is today.

You see, everything starts with a tiny sparks of dream ~
Flukes happen, but you cannot always rely on them.
Dreaming is easy.
But, how many people actually 'walk the dream' ?

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