Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guess who's back?

Hey hey wonderful ppl out there!
sorry for the hiatus...
i'm back in kl and of coz, back to bloggin' :)
I had an awesome trip back in KK ...

catch up with all the loved ones..
spent a night @ kundasang with family,
enjoyed all the yummylicious food
that cannot be eaten elsewhere but KK :)
Did all the crazy roadtrips
up to the hill and across the sea ( seriously!)

meet pigraffe, a rare species of pig/giraffe?!
(our faithful companion that accompany us to most of the roadtrips)

sigh, I miss all of them already :(

Batik painting by me @ Borneo Kellybays :)

til then....


  1. wah, ur batik looks good. i dont think i can make something like that! XP

  2. thnx ken!

    Danial: haha... u're just being humble :P