Sunday, June 13, 2010

study? movie? karaoke? :/

Time flies..
less than ONE month to EXAMS...
God pls save meeeeeeeee
The worst thing about this is
stressed but at the same time lack the motivations to study..


Class ended abit earlier yesterday so we decided to go for dinner @ RedBox Karaoke, the Gardens..
since we have like 3 coupons that we accumulated last time.
The terms n conditions behind the voucher was kinda misleading!!!
>:( it was stated that 'minimum one head charge' but did not mention that only ONE voucher can be used..!!
If i'm not mistaken.. the b'day voucher clearly states that only one voucher per room..but this one... SIGH... =s
Anyway, since we were there dy so we went ahead ~
Unfortunately they chased all of us off b4 12 am...sobs..

Being reluctant to go home
(since we went to class during the day),
since everyone has not been to the cinema for quite awhile now..
we decided to try our luck for midnite movie...

Initially we wanted to watch Prince of Persia or Karate Kids
but as usual on a wkends the tix were sold off..
so we watched A-team instead.

Honestly speaking, it was a good movie..
But but but... I was really too tired and my eyes could hardly open..
(was out since 11+ am)

and the next thing u can figure lar..
i zzZz half way thru the show and woke up watching the
climax of the show..

the ending was pretty good!

anyway... I'm supposed to be studying but too many distraction and i just watched like 8 episodes of drama..
GAH!! ok..back to books... n also drama at the same time *multitasking =p


  1. wah so fun after class~ so jeluz~
    i miss those fun times after class, in class keep busy thinking where to eat where to go, its been so long~
    let me share my frustration together with yours in your latest post. haha
    shout out loud together :P