Tuesday, June 1, 2010

chipped tooth!

I can't believe this is happening to meeeee...

The worst thing is I didn't realized it until I looked into the mirror...
was so shocked lorrrrrr~ haha
until the extend that I actually pinched myself *blush*
Coz I always get weird dreams like tooth fallen out or sumth :s

oh well.. Life goes on..
need to see the dentist soon~ sigh~

p/s: but after a second thought, it's not that obvious after all~ hehehehe


  1. i can relate to that. i had twice dreams where i lost all my teeth and that was scary as! i woke up sweating all over.. =/

  2. danial : haha.. yeah.. i had those dreams few time and wake up tried to 'feel' if my teeth r still there.. but sigh.. sadly this is not a dream!! :s boohoo

    ken : thanks mate! :)