Friday, May 7, 2010


Albeit the fact that, to most,
myopia seems to be a defect in one's vision but if we think of it out of the box...
it seems that most of us 'suffer' from myopia, not in terms of defects in eyesight but many things in life that we 'overlook'...

It's funny how sometimes, some little small stuff that we were looking for was just in front of us but we did not realised it until it's ... ... ... gone ..

it's good to take a stroll down memory lane
and look around the surrounding..

Question to ponder: Have you found your corrective lense yet?

p/s: that aside, do check out my new header and background :D


  1. hey thanks for such a reminder. good things do come from your blog. i hope you will keep on updating it. ;)

  2. hey.. thanks for droppin by..