Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pre CNY + Post CNY Hair-Do

Pre-CNY Hair Do

Blessed to get a hair cut from the British Hairdressing Awards 2008 Finalist -Efi Davies of Toni & Guy (UK)
Hair Colour by Jane Stacey, the International Artistic Director of Toni & Guy

This haircut is one from one of Toni & Guy latest collection a.k.a the Surma
Pretty like the colour as it came just right in time b4 CNY!
Purple, Maroon and Dark Brown!
If you know how to style it, you can really bring out the 3 tones.. but those who knows me will know that I can't be bothered spending hours setting my hair, etc.. so i gave the Surma a new breath by styling it in a simple manner

View from the back

Post- CNY Hair Do

Got a new hair cut by Senior Style Director (Edwin from Hong Kong) and new hair colour by Rickie (Senior Technician)
Both from Toni & Guy
I must say that they give really good consultation/suggestion as to which color/style/etc suits you!
I have encountered bad experience b4
when visiting some hair salon and ask for suggestions..
all they do is.. " tell me what you want lar!? If you don't tell me precisely what you want how am I supposed to know what to do?! "

like... pleasee lor..if I know what I want and aware of the latest trend and all... I won't ask you to recommend me dy!!
oh well~

Now my hair is Copper Colour !

One thing I like about T&G is that they were trained to specialized either in hair-cut (stylist) or hair-colouring (technician) ...
So you get 2 different person doing your hair as opposed to the usual salon which is done by one person only.



  1. u r lucky to hav them for ur hair cut!

  2. I like your hairstyle. Cool. :)

  3. ohmygahhdd! You look amazing, and your hair rocks! Colors are pretty! =D Love it! Yeah tell me about those salon peeps who gawk at you when all you wanted was for them to offer some freaking consultation. Sheesh. What color do you think should I go for?

  4. :)

    Shanaz: hahaha... thanks babe!
    hmm... I think natural tone is always the best.. probably can consider brown shade or do some highlight or sumth.. again, they got alot of variant of shade and me no pro =p