Thursday, March 18, 2010

Detox Plan

Tyger and I were walking around in Guardian one day
and she was telling about detoxing for the following week since we had too much GOOD FOOD
over the CNY. We Bought Trudtox which was what Kenny Sia drink as well.

Since I've never try detoxing before, why not? =)
The best bit is we managed to get 2 packets for a cheaper rate.
Anyway, I went back home tried searching on the post that Kennysia wrote on the relevant subject and what impressed me the most is he managed to lost 5 kg in 5 days !!

Since I've gone through the detox plan, let me share with you my experiece here.

Day One

I weigh myself before consuming the tea. (xx kg) =P
The taste of the tea is somewhat like cammomile/herbal tea, so it's bearable..
The hardest thing to sustain is FOOD RESISTANCE...
Before I start this thingy.. I told myself.. I must.. must... only eat organic food.

Breakfast: 2 Persimmons

Snack: Kuih Kapit (love letters biscuits)

Lunch : 2 Banana

Dinner: Grapes + Organic Soya Milk

*big applause to myself... that was the healthiest meal I had in my entire life.. but I cheated by eating love letters.. =P
But trust me.. those who know me will know how much I love fooddd..
quite torturing lor...

P/S: By the way, I spend alot of time dating with the toilet bowl as well.

Day Two
Breakfast: Organic Soya Milk

Lunch: Beef KimChi Stew + side dishes + kimchi pancake soaked in oil
( Total phail)

Snack: Banana

Dinner: Potato Salad + grapes

My 'date' with the toiletbowl doesn't seems to die down. In fact, I got so sick of 'see-ing' mr.toilet bowl =S

I also realised that I've developed few pimples on my face and also 2 or 3 mouth ulcers.
Not too sure whether the tea itself is heaty or I didn't consume enough water because as far as I am concerned I've drank quite alot of water dy.. hmmm...

In summary, mission for Day Two = half phail.

Day 3

Breakfast: Organic Soya Milk

Lunch: Honey Pork Rib Rice + Milk Tea + Gui Ling Gao + Creamy Mushroom Soup

(ok..i can imagine your reaction now... hahahaa!)
No choice lar.. Moral of the lesson is plan your detox-plan and stay at HOME + Do Not Go ANYWHERE!
as. in. seriously.

I remembered Tyger and I were watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and guess what? We took turns to see 'Mr.toiletbowl' !

Hai.. tell you something.. my dinner plan also so TAK jadi!!!
Dinner: Unagi Bento Box + watermelon + greentea

(but but but... at least better than lunch lar right?)

Day 4

Well.. my supposedly 5 days detox plan (I mean not-so-jadi-detoxplan) has became 3 days!'s weekend!
Cannot imagine the thought of visiting toilet anymore...

But But But... the toilet still calls me every now and then on Day 4. My Stomach was uncomfy as well and suffers from occasional cramps.

My verdict on this detox plan:

I was xx kg and now I am (xx-1) kg So.. I've managed to lost 1kg in 3 days.

(But I'm back to my old weight dy I supposed..)

Will I do it again?
em, probably.. since I have 2 more packets left. But I guess I felt less bloated.
But I don't think it's a good idea if you're planning on a Strict Detox Plan or Fasting and do it in long term... oh, by the way.. kennysia did a Strict Vege/Fruits Detox which explains the tremendous amount of weight he lost in such a short span of time :)

to end this.. i want to say.....


(taken when i went to Isetan, Lot 10)

i love
foooooooooodddddddddd !!

( Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial and the opinions expressed here are purely writer's own. )


  1. I love food too.. and i'm kinda lazy to go on diet....

  2. yea..! food is hard to resist.. especially good ones!

  3. I believe the weight you lose is not fats but just water due to the diarrhea.

  4. DC: yea.. i think it's water lost too~

    really fail la both of us! LOL

  6. Thanks for sharing. Wrote and article about this oso... Well, did some researched and asked few of my fellow friends, and tried it myself. At least it worked for me.

  7. Tyger: hahaha.. yeah lah..ur ass falling apart dy kah? :P

    Steward: thanks for dropping by and thanks for the tips too ;)