Friday, February 5, 2010

Makan-makan @ Klang

Restoran Soon Seng

What's Klang if it wasn't for the bak kut teh? =)

we ordered 2 type of Bak kut teh.
one wet.
one dry.

the wet version

Yeo brought his own tea to the bkt place.
SW was excited to see mini teapot... -_-" hahaha
this is her 1st visit to Klang..

SW.. happily clean the cutleries for us.

One thing that I didn't like it here is the fact that they don't use chopstick and bowl
as opposed to the traditional ones.
hmm... don't know is it me or what.. but I prefer to pour soup all over the rice in a bowl...
and eating it in the traditional 'china' way

camera shy? =P

*psst.. both also single =P

*wink wink

Apparently the original bak kut teh in Klang is the Mao Shan Gao BKT.
I've tried the ones in Lot 10 Hu Tong...
Instead of serving in Claypot, Mao Shan Gao serves it in a small bowl with very thick broth.
Hopefully next time can try the original Klang version.
The Klang gang were afraid that we couldn't take those kinda strong broth so brought us to Soon Seng instead
to try the wet and dry version.

After the meal, we adjourned to Aeon Bukit Tinggi for karaoke session + movie .
We were so lucky.. we won some mini contest @ Greenbox.
we thought they will give us cash voucher or something...
but who knows.. they brought in one sparkling juice for us -_-
oh well

We had steamboat dinner at Be Be Ho Restaurant

Pulau Ketam Main Branch !

I gotta say the Broth here is quite delicious..
better than the ones that I've tried @ HoHo Steamboat, Kota Damansara
the seafood served in Be Be Ho that night was very fresh too!

That practically sums up our day @ Klang.


  1. ohmy I LOVE CHINESE FOOD!! Girl, your pictures of this tempting chinese dishes are making my stomach growl, I really need to munch of something now. He He.

    Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on another post about another post. Haha. Actually, I checked Disqus comment box to see if it was down, but strangely, it was working fine, maybe on my side. But will you do me a favor and try to leave a comment and see if it is still down?

    Yeah, haha, I know you hate those "vultures" a.k.a crazy salespeople (not all, I must say). Keep them insane, by exiting the stores, as soon as the start to stalk you around. He He.

  2. hey shanaz!
    thanks for dropping by..
    I just tried leaving comment again..but what i got was this :
    "Sorry, we're undergoing temporarily maintenance.

    Please check back in a few moments."


  3. thank you for featuring us in ur blog..
    hope you like the trip...
    next time ask shanaz to come la...haaa..