Friday, January 22, 2010

lost in wonderland...

Are you...

a shopaholic?
longing to have a new wardrobe?
looking for a place to shop for everything you ever needed?

If that is the case......

can you smell what's burning behind your backyard...?
Curious where to get all these in one place?

Let Meoyy guide you to this 'hot' wonderland...

If you're familiar with shopping online in Malaysia,
most probably you have came across to this site before,
but if you are new to it, well.. let me show you a brief insight on this wonderland!

Welcome to has been such a gem for bag-addicts
for the past few years since 2008.
the best thing about is that
they provide awesome bags
with affordable price tagz..

and they also...

offer a wide selection of bagssssssssssssss too!!!

The best part of it is that..
in welcoming year 2010... has also revamped with a brand new look for the homepage!

(Now, has become a new fashion wonderland...
not only bags are offered but
you can get dresses,tops,accessories,etc too!
Isn't it great?)

Besides the new look for the site, is also giving u a chance to give your wardrobe a new face lift!

Click here for more details!

Apart from that, you can also click on the calender in the page above to see surprises everyday for the
whole duration of January 2010!

another brownie point is that you can shop anytime, anywhere !
(You can also visit the showroom which is located just 5 minutes away from 1 utama.)
The best thing about is that it is packed with all the relevant information you need while shopping online.
You can also update yourself with the all the latest trend by clicking on blogazine.

and for those of you who can't be bothered to read all the policy in a website,
let me highlight some points to you !!!

"All products purchased from come with a 14 days exchange policy. You may exchange the product for any reasons, in the given time frame."

woots... 14 dayssss worrrr!!!! =D
Now you don't have to worry if you bought the wrong sizes or what not dy!!
hehe! also offers a vast selection of clothing...
ranging from casual to workplace or hmm.. perhaps, candlelight dinner? :p


Fancy for a party??

Don't miss

the live mad tea party @ showroom open day

on the 31st Jan!!!


me ~


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