Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dinner @ Carls. Jr, Pavilion

After listening to tons of review about how good is Carl's Jr

I managed to get a taste of it!
(like finally :P)

Tried the Pormobello Mushroom Burger...
It is a must try, if you like Burger King's Double Mushroom Swiss burger.
However, the price is abit pricey for a fast food.
T tried the new Teriyaki Burger and conclude that Pormobello Mushroom taste better!

One thing not to be missed here is the

FRIES !!!!!

OMG... the fries is super duper good!
I am serious!
We ordered onion ring as well!
Personally, I would prefer BK's onion ring,
but the guys thinks that Carl's Jr onion ring beats BK anytime.
Personal preference I supposed...

p/s: oh yea.. the drinks here are refillable =)

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