Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve @ Genting

Steamboat Buffet @ Yuen, Sunway

Both of them laughing at noobie photographer :p

Random decision to go up to genting for Christmas Countdown =P
Tsk tsk.. should have plan we can all wear hoodie... and need not run in the cold towards the indoor themepark! heh.
The journey to Genting was really fun with all these crazy-wacko people in the car..

Taking Pics @ Escalator ~ hahaha...

But, being random is good sometimes I guess...
unplanned trip...turn out to be a good one! =)

Taking Pic with ChoiSan Santa (?!) I think Mr.Santa got his identity confused...

Desserts @ Bakery, Genting

we had Opera Cake , Chocolate Fudge, Milk Choc Doughnut ...
I had Iced Macchiatto Latte.
looks nice but taste wise... errr =S
albeit the fact that the food sux so badly, I guess what matter the most is the company!

hehe.. Ongko's Artsy shot taken by me =D
she looks so pro

Nice Lighting at Genting ! Very Christmassieeeee =)


Professor Tee !

Last snap before heading to the car!!
It was freezinggg cold and foggy tooo!!!!!

but damn syok! =)
I <3 cold weather.. reminds me alot of UK ! hehehe...

Last but not least, Merry Christmas !!!
Have a Joyous one!


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